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Subba is an exceptional member of Hiking Bees who embodies the best qualities of a trekking guide. He is gentle, kind, experienced, and knowledgeable about the mountains. He is a soft-spoken person who has a natural ability to make people feel at ease. He is patient and understanding, which are essential qualities for a trekking guide. His gentle nature has won him many admirers among the trekkers he has guided, and they often return to Nepal and request him as their guide again.

One of Subba's greatest strengths as a guide is his knowledge of the mountains. He has a deep understanding of the local terrain, weather patterns, and wildlife, which he uses to help trekkers navigate the trails safely. He is also skilled at reading people's physical and emotional needs and adjusting his pace accordingly, ensuring that everyone in his group is comfortable and enjoying the experience.


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From the moment we arrived in Kathmandu, the team at Hiking Bees made sure that I was well taken care of. They arranged for my transportation to the hotel and even provided me with a detailed itinerary of my trip. Throughout the trek, our guide (Prem) was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. He made sure that we were all safe and comfortable, while also sharing his knowledge of the local culture and history. The scenery on the trek was breathtaking, and the experience of seeing Mount Evere...