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Food and Accommodaton on The Manaslu Trek

Discover the food and accommodation options along the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek. From hearty breakfasts to sumptuous dinners, explore the diverse menu offerings at top hotels and lodges for an unforgettable Manaslu trekking experience.

08/11/2023 6:17 AM

Discover the food and accommodation options along the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek. From hearty breakfasts to sumptuous dinners, explore the diverse menu offerings at top hotels and lodges for an unforgettable Manaslu trekking experience.

Introduction To Food and Accommodation on Manaslu

Proper accommodation and good food are vital aspects of a successful Manaslu trek. The high-altitude terrains, such as Tsum Valley and the Manaslu Circuit, necessitate a diet rich in proteins, minerals, and carbs to sustain your strength.

You need a satisfying supper that replenishes your energy levels until evening for trekking in Nepal, you won’t find plenty of shops and teahouses for food midway during the trek, especially in the Manaslu region.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking used to be a camping trek a few years back, but around the year 2012 tea houses were introduced along the trekking route and now fortunately, the Manaslu trek offers a diverse array of food and accommodations options.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the food and accommodation options available on the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek, ensuring a fulfilling and nourishing trekking experience.


Dal Bhat and Momo's

Manaslu Trek Food

Manaslu Circuit Trek demands 5-6 hours of walking every day and for that, you need food that provides enough energy and nutrients required for your body. So you must be wondering what foods are available during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Although you may not find every food you desire, you can find a wide variety of food items in the teahouse of Manaslu. The tea houses in the Manslu are upgrading in terms of quality day by day as the number of visitors trekking the Manslu Circuit and Tsum Valley is increasing every year.

The cost of the food in the tea houses tends to be cheaper in the lower part of the trail and increases as you go to the Upper sections. You can find both Veg and non-veg food options during the trek however, the food options may be limited on the upper section of the trail.

You can find both vegan and non-vegan food options in the Manaslu tea houses. however, we don’t suggest you eat non-vegan dishes on the trek because consuming meat at higher altitudes may cause digestion problems and strain your metabolism. Being ill in between the trek can make things worse.

Just to provide you with an idea, an average of 30$ per day is required for food and accommodation on the Manaslu Circuit for an individual. This includes three meals a day (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Here are some of the best food options you can find on the Tea House menu during the Manslu Trek.



Breakfast in the Manaslu circuit usually starts in the early morning as trekkers start their hike as early as possible. These breakfasts are provided in the teahouse where we stayed the previous night. Normally breakfast starts from 6 am to 8 am.

Breakfast cost ranges from $4 to $8 per person depending upon what you'll have.

Having a warm and hearty breakfast and seeing the sunrise and the mountains provides an unexplainable ultimate experience. Some of the popular breakfast options found in the Manaslu tea house are:

  • Breakfast Set
  • Tibetian Bread
  • Porridge
  • Paratha
  • Cheese and French Toast
  • Toasts
  • Soup
  • Egg
  • Pancake
  • Cereals


Lunch and Dinner

Dal Bhat during the Manaslu Trek


Your body demands nutrition and food after a few hours of hike in the Manaslu Circuit, So we stop for a good meal during the trek. Lunch and Dinner on the Manaslu Trek include rice, noodles, momos, vegetables, pizzas, etc. These are the main foods that you’ll be eating during the trek. Ensure it is healthy, nutritional, and enough to power you throughout the day. Lunch usually starts from 11 am to 1 pm and dinner is mostly served from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Lunch and dinner costs around $4 to $10 per person.

We recommend Dal Bhat for Lunch and dinner as it is high energy-yielding and makes your belly full. Some of the popular items you can find on the menu are:

  • Rice (Dal Bhat)/ veg, non-veg.
  • Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Thukpa and Thenduk
  • Chowmein
  • Momo

 Momo is one of the popular foods in Nepal, commonly known as dumplings this delicious food is liked by everybody and You should definitely try these when you visit Nepal.

Types of Momos available on the Manaslu Trek are

  • Veg momo
  • Cheese momo
  • Non-veg (Buff, chicken)
  • Pasta
  • Macaroni
  • Spaghetti
  • Sherpa Stew
  • Potato Items

Potato items are most common on the route and you can find a wide variety of potato-related dishes

Some of the popular potato items in the Manaslu Circuit trekking are:

  • Boiled Potatao
  • Fried Potato
  • Finger Chips
  • Mashed Potato
  • Potato Roast
  • Pizza

Pizza on the Manaslu Teahouse

  • Others
  • Prawn crackers and papad
  • Salads
  • Springroll
  • Popcorn
  • sizzlers
  • Snacks

  • Papad
  • Popcorn
  • prawn


Drinks on The Manaslu Circuit Trek


Hydration is the key to any successful trek, and this holds especially true in the high-altitude terrain of the Manaslu region. We suggest you drink at least 4 liters of water a day. You can carry a water bottle with a filtration system built in, along with you, and refill it on the way. The local people can drink the water from natural sources without any problem but it may not be the same for tourists as they are not used to it. You can carry water purification tablets along with you and you may also request the tea houses or tea shops to boil it for you.


Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee have been cherished companions for trekkers in the Himalayas for generations. Not only do they provide warmth in the chilly mountain air, but they also offer a comforting ritual at the end of a long day of trekking.

Drinking tea and coffee keeps your body energized and provides the necessary caffeine during the hike. you can find a variety of tea and coffee options during the trek some of the popular hot drinks are milk and black coffee, black tea, milk tea, mint tea, ginger tea, green tea, and lemon tea.

Since you are at a high altitude you can expect the price of tea and coffee to be around Rs. 200 - 400 per cup.


Cold Drinks & Beverages

The Manaslu region boasts a variety of locally brewed alcoholic beverages and fruit juices, each with its own distinct flavor and cultural significance. While it's tempting to partake in these offerings, it's essential to do so in moderation, especially at high altitudes. according to the studies, alcoholic substances tend to dehydrate your body rapidly compared to the normal ratio which increases your chance of having altitude sickness along with dehydration.


Best Food Option for the Manaslu Trek

You’ll find a lot of items on the menu of Tea houses on the Manaslu trek. The best option we recommend for you during the Manaslu Trek is apple porridge, toast, and omelet or pancake with honey for breakfast and Dal Bhat, momos, pasta, or spaghetti for Lunch and Dinner.

Make sure you carry some snacks like energy bars, chocolates, and biscuits during the trek.

Also don’t forget some fruit, rice pudding or an apple pie as a dessert.


Manaslu Circuit Trek Food Menu

We have a sample of the food menu found on the Manaslu Trek so that you can have an idea about the foods available on the route and their pricing.

Food Menu


Accommodations on the Manaslu Circuit Trekking

For accommodation on the Manaslu Trekking, you can find teahouses and lodges on the trek route. Teahouses provide you with a common type of accommodation and are widely found along the trail whereas lodges are a little bit rare in the Manaslu and comparatively more expensive than tea houses.

Manaslu being a less crowded trekking destination, you won’t have a hard time finding a place to stay during the trek.


Rooms in the tea houses

For some adventure enthusiasts, people who want to have a proper camping experience you can even complete the Manaslu trek by camping. Camping can be a little tougher than tea house trekking, so you need some porters to carry the necessary equipment.


What to expect from teahouses in Mansalu



It hasn’t been much since the tea houses were established in the Manaslu Region. so please don’t expect it to be as good and luxurious as the teahouse on the EBC Trek or the Annapurna Trekking. Manaslu Trek used to be a camping trek a few years back where you needed to carry the tents and a cook along with you.



A normal tea house in Manaslu offers you a twin shared room with a simple bathroom. You can expect two separate beds adequate for one person along with a mattress, pillow, and blanket.

You don’t get an AC or a Heater in the rooms so make sure you have a good sleeping bag. You can also get some additional blankets from the tea house if you want.


Bed on the Manaslu tea houses


Toilets and Bathrooms

The toilets found here are typical Asian-styled toilets where you'll be squatting in order to use them. western toilets are found in the lower region of the trekking route. 

We highly suggest you carry some toiletries by yourselves in case of emergency. You can even get a hot shower with an additional $2 - $3 in the tea houses, but please don't take a shower unless you really need it.


Dining Room

Most of the tea house and lodges in Manaslu has a huge dining area where trekkers can gather and share their experiences at the end of the day. It contains a fireplace which also helps to provide warmth inside and is properly equipped with tables and chairs to sit and eat properly. Gathering around the fireplace, meeting new people, and sharing new stories are some of the best parts of the trek.


Internet and Power Supply

You can expect WiFi services in the teahouse and lodges located at the lower part of the trail but it's not reliable and as you get to higher elevations chances of getting Wifi are nearly zero. We recommend you take a Nepali SIM card with a data pack in Kathmandu so that you can stay in touch with your friends and family most of the time.

You get electricity in most of the lodges and tea houses there may be someplace like Dharamshala where you only get solar-powered electricity but still you get to recharge your phones and get electric lights for the night.


Popular lodges and tea houses on the Manaslu Circuit

To make things easier for you we have picked some of the best accommodations (teahouses and lodges) in the Manaslu trek route:


Soti Khola

We used to start the Manaslu Circuit trekking from Soti Khola before as the bus couldn’t go further but now the extended routes in Manaslu allow you to reach directly up to Machha Khola. However, if you wish to spend the night in Soti Khola here are some of the best options available.

The quality of accommodation and food is proper and provides basic services.

  • Budi Gandaki Guest House
  • Satkar Guest House
  • Fulbari Guest House
  • Hotel ABC           
  • Hotel Tsum Valley
  • Green Valley Guest House


Machha Khola

Since most of the people are starting the trek directly from Machha Khola you can expect good quality accommodation and meals here, you even get additional services like WIFI, hot showers, etc. with some additional charge. Some of the popular tea houses in Machha Khola are:

  • Everest Guest House
  • Tsum Valley Guest House and Lodge
  • Hilltop Guest House
  • Hotel Heaven Guest House
  • Larkey Guest House



For overnight stays in Jagat, you have teahouses offering comfortable stays along with wifi and good food. Popular tea houses in Jagat are:

  • Rubi Nala Guest House
  • Jagat Guest House
  • Himalayan Tourist Guest House
  • Manaslu Santi Guest House



Upon reaching Deng you'll enter the restricted area where you need to show your permit at the checkpoint. You can find a Wi-Fi facility in the tea house however hot showers aren't available as of 2024. These are the tree tea houses available in Deng.

  • Shangrila Cottage
  • Windy Valley Guest House
  • New Manaslu Guest House



Although tea houses in Deng weren't that equipped, however, You'll get good quality tea houses in Namrung. You even get hot water facilities along with wifi. Some of the popular teahouses in Namrung are:

  • Namrung Guest House
  • Nubri 4 Season Resort
  • Namrung Cottage
  • Namrung Thakali Guest House



In Lho You'll find proper teahouses with quality food and accommodations, You'll get wifi with an additional cost. Tea houses available in Lho are:

  • Manaslu View Guest House
  • Lama Guest House
  • Hotel Majestic Manaslu
  • Sonam Lodey
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Namaste Guest House


Sama Gaun

Sama Gaun is the final stop where you get hot water showers and wifi in the tea houses. After crossing Samagaun You need to be prepared for lesser facilities as you go in the higher elevations. You'll get good quality tea houses in Sama Gaun. Some of the popular teahouses in Samagaun are:

  • Sama Gaun Guest House
  • Norling Guest House
  • Gurung Cottage Guest House
  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Nobri Valley Guest House
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House



Some of the popular teahouses available in Samdo are:

  • Jambala Guest House
  • Yak Hotel
  • Tibetan Twin Hotel


Larkey Bazaar

Only a few people go up to Larkya Bazaar. Larkya BVazzar is 20 minutes away from Samdo. Tea houses here won't offer any hot showers or wifi. However, you'll get good quality food and accommodation during your stay. The only guest house here is Larkey Bazzar Guest House. Make sure you contact the hotel before going there in the peak seasons.

  • Larkey Bazzar Guest House



Dharamsala (Larkya Phedi) is the final point before crossing the Larkya Pass. Since it is at a high altitude please keep your expectations low. You can't find a hot shower or a wifi. You'll get to see a great landscape and lifestyle of people residing there.

  • Larkey House Guest
  • Larkey Phedi Lodge
  • Jambala Guest House



After crossing the famous Larkya La Pass you'll enter Bhimtang You can find several options. Teahouses in Bhimtang offer quality food and accommodations along with hot water and wifi. Tea houses in Bhimtang include:

  • Himalayan Guest House
  • Tibetian Guest House
  • Sushma Guest House and Lodge
  • Apple Garden
  • Mountain Punker Cottage and Lodge
  • Ganga Manaslu



Although most people prefer to catch a bus to Kathmandu or Pokhara from Dharapani you still have an option to stay here

  • Tashi Delek Lodge
  • New Tibet Guest House
  • Gorkha Inn


Sleeping bags and blankets in the teahouses

You can find twin-sharing rooms with proper blankets, pillows, and mattresses in the accommodation of Manaslu teahouses however they don't provide sleeping bags and you need to carry them by yourselves.

You can request extra blankets in the tea houses in case of extremely cold temperatures, especially at a higher elevation but in the peak trekking seasons it's hard to get the extra blankets and we highly recommend you carry sleeping bags that are rated minus degrees.


Should you pre-book the accommodations in Manaslu?

Yes, it's always a good thing to pre-book your accommodations on the mountains, especially during the trekking seasons. booking your accommodations beforehand not only secures your spot in the teahouse but also provides you with a sense of ease.

Although you find fewer tourists on the Manaslu trek route the options are limited on the higher elevations and not finding a proper place to stay after a full day of walk can be a hassle experience.

To avoid such cases we at Hiking bees pre-book the accommodations of our guests during the Manaslu trek.


In a nutshell, you can find proper food and accommodation on the Manaslu Trekking. However, don’t expect to be luxurious like the Everest and Annapurna region. You get a variety of food options to eat and a proper place to sleep and rest which is enough for an individual to complete the trek. Make sure you are properly hydrated and warm enough during the night.

For more information about the Manaslu trek or any other treks in Nepal, feel free to reach out to us:


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