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Best Winter Treks in Nepal

Treks like Mardi Himal Base Camp and Langtang Valley Treks are some of the best treks for winter in Nepal. These 9 trekking destinations in Nepal will be perfect for your winter trekking if you prefer a lesser crowd on the trail.

04/02/2024 7:54 AM

Treks like Mardi Himal Base Camp and Langtang Valley Treks are some of the best treks for winter in Nepal. These 9 trekking destinations in Nepal will be perfect for your winter trekking if you prefer a lesser crowd on the trail.


Heading for a trek in Nepal during winter? Here we present you 9 best winter treks in Nepal.

December welcomes winter in Nepal and lasts up to February. This is the coldest season of the year. Due to extreme cold temperatures, this time is considered as the off-season for trekking. However, there are plenty of options to trek during this season.

Treks like Poon Hill, Mardi Himal Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang Valley Trek, Jomsom Muktinath, Everest View Trek, Pikey Peak Trek, Sikles Trek, and Mohare Danda Trek are some of the best treks for winter in Nepal.

You get some of the best mountain views as the skies are clear and the mountains are covered with snow.  If you prefer a lesser crowd on the trails, then winter is the best time for trekking in Nepal.


Advantages of Trekking in Nepal During Winter Season

  • Chance to enjoy the paths without the usual crowd.
  • A deeper connection with the mountains and nature.
  • Clear and crisp days with stunning snowy landscape views.
  • More available lodging and accommodation options.
  • Comparatively cheaper than the peak seasons.
  • Better opportunity to engage with the locals.


Disadvantages of Trekking in Nepal During Winter Season

  • Require more clothing and gear because of cold temperatures.
  • Powerful winds and heavy snowfall.
  • Tea houses may be closed due to extreme weather.
  • Trails may be blocked by large amounts of snow.


Best Treks for Winter in Nepal

Although winter is considered an off-season for trekking, it provides excellent views of the snowcapped mountain with clear skies and green landscapes. With proper gear, winter trekking is doable and may even provide a better experience compared to other seasons during the hike.

 Here are some of the best winter trekking destinations in Nepal.


Langtang Valley Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration7-10 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointKyanjin Ri (4,773m)
Starting PointSyabrubesi
Ending pointKyanjin Gompa


Trail Overview

Situated at an altitude of 3,450 meters, The Langtang Valley Trek is one of the best destinations for trekking during winter. This trek in the Langtang region offers a less crowded but equally enchanting experience.

Starting from Syabrubesi, the trail meanders through dense forests, traditional Tamang villages, and alpine meadows. The Langtang River accompanies trekkers, adding a soothing soundtrack to the journey.

At altitudes ranging from 1,450 to 3,800 meters, winter trekkers witness Nagthali Ghyang's panoramic views and immerse themselves in Tamang dances and rituals.



  • Kyanjin Gompa: The trek culminates at Kyanjin Gompa, a picturesque village surrounded by snow-clad peaks. The famous cheese factory here provides a unique cultural experience.
  • Tserko Ri Summit: For panoramic views, a side trip to Tserko Ri (4,984 meters) is highly recommended. The sunrise from this vantage point is a mesmerizing spectacle.
  • Local Tamang Culture: Interacting with the Tamang people offers insights into their rich culture. The warm hospitality and traditional practices add a unique flavor to the trek.
  • Panoramic Langtang Lirung Views


Poon Hill Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration4-6 Days
Trek DifficultyEasy
Highest PointPoon Hill (3,210m)
Starting PointNayapul
Ending pointNayapul


Trail Overview

The Poon Hill Trek, situated at an altitude of 3,210 meters is a short yet rewarding journey in the Annapurna region. Starting from Nayapul, the trail passes through rhododendron forests and charming Gurung villages, culminating in the panoramic viewpoint of Poon Hill.

The highlight, undoubtedly, is the magical sunrise from Poon Hill, where the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges glow in the first light, creating an ethereal panorama.

Beyond the scenic beauty, the trek invites trekkers to partake in the warmth of Gurung hospitality in charming villages, creating an intimate cultural experience amidst the winter landscapes. In winter, the snow-covered landscapes add a magical touch to the trek.



  • Rhododendrons: In winter, the Poon Hill Trek transforms into a vibrant spectacle as the rhododendron forests showcase their winter blooms, creating a picturesque trail.
  • Magical Sunrise: The sunrise view from Poon Hill is unparalleled. The snow-covered peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri glow in the first light, creating a magical panorama.
  • Gurung Hospitality: Experience the warm hospitality of Gurung villages. In winter, the locals share their traditions and warmth, making the trek a cultural delight.
  • Amazing view of the Annapurna Ranges



Mardi Himal Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration7 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointMardi Base Camp (4,500 m)
Starting PointKande
Ending pointSiding Village


Trail Overview

For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, the Mardi Himal Trek offers stunning views of the Annapurna and Machapuchare ranges. The trail takes trekkers through dense forests, traditional villages, and ultimately to the high-altitude Mardi Himal Base Camp.

Winter transforms this trek into a tranquil escape with snow-laden trails. You will be reaching up to an altitude of 4,500 meters, which can be really cold during winter so proper gear is necessary, especially during winter.



  • Mardi Himal Base Camp: The high-altitude Mardi Himal Base Camp offers stunning close-up views of Machapuchare and the Annapurna range, providing a unique perspective of these iconic peaks.
  • Snow Leopard Trails: Winter offers a higher chance of spotting elusive snow leopards in the region, adding a touch of wildlife adventure to the trek.
  • Peaceful Wilderness: In winter, Mardi Himal's solitude is accentuated. The tranquility of snow-laden forests and uncrowded trails create a peaceful trekking experience.
  • Off-Beaten Trek Experience


Tamang Heritage Trail

Quick Insights

Trek Duration6-8 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointNagthali (3,165m)
Starting PointSyabrubesi
Ending pointSyabrubesi


Trail Overview

Tamang culture is one of the main ethnic groups in the Langtang region. Exploring the Tamang Heritage Trail allows trekkers to immerse themselves in the rich Tamang culture and meet the indigenous peoples. It is one of the best treks to do in the winter season.

The trail takes you through ancient monasteries, traditional villages, hot springs, and terraced fields. Taking a bath in a natural hot spring provides a heavenly feeling, especially in the winter. The Tamang communities offer warm hospitality and authentic cultural experience which enhances your trek experience besides the marvelous snowcapped landscapes.



  • Authentic Tamang Villages: Tamang Heritage Trail takes trekkers through authentic Tamang villages, providing a rare glimpse into the daily lives, customs, and traditions of the Tamang people. Winter adds a layer of tranquility to these settlements.
  • Langtang Valley Views: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Langtang Valley and surrounding snow-capped peaks as you traverse through Tamang-inhabited landscapes.
  • Nagthali Ghyang: The high point of the trek, Nagthali Ghyang, offers panoramic views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and other peaks. In winter, the clear skies enhance the beauty of these vistas.
  • Hot Springs of Tatopani: A unique highlight is the natural hot springs of Tatopani. Winter trekkers can unwind in the soothing warmth against the backdrop of snow-covered landscapes.
  • Tamang Cultural Experiences: Participate in traditional Tamang dances, rituals, and festivals that are often celebrated during the winter months, creating a vibrant and immersive cultural experience.
  • Gosaikunda Lake: For those seeking an extension, the trail can be combined with a visit to the sacred Gosaikunda Lake, which is frozen during the winter, presenting a mystical sight.


Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration11 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointMuktinath (3,800m)
Starting PointJomsom
Ending pointJomsom


Trail Overview

Another trekking destination suitable for winter is the Jomsom Muktinath Hike, Ascending to an altitude of 3,800 meters, the Jomsom Muktinath Trek leads winter trekkers through the frozen beauty of the Kali Gandaki Gorge ( The deepest Gorge in the world). The sacred Muktinath Temple, surrounded by snow, adds a spiritual touch to the journey at these higher altitudes.

Jomsom is very popular for its sweet apples, the hiking trail offers not just cultural and religious experiences but also a taste of local apples in Marpha's famous orchards against the snowy landscapes. You can even try homemade apple beverages during the trek.



  • Kali Gandaki Gorge: Winter trekkers can marvel at the frozen beauty of the Kali Gandaki Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world, creating a dramatic setting for the trek.
  • Sacred Muktinath Temple: Visit the sacred Muktinath Temple surrounded by snow, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of this revered pilgrimage site.
  • Apple Orchards of Marpha: Taste locally grown apples in Marpha, famous for its apple orchards. Winter brings a different charm to these quaint villages.



Everest View Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration7 Days
Trek DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Highest PointEverest View Hotel (3,880m)
Starting PointLukla
Ending pointLukla


Trail Overview

For those seeking breathtaking views of Everest without the strenuous ascent, the Everest View Trek is an ideal choice. Starting from Lukla, the trail leads to the renowned Tengboche Monastery, offering panoramic views of Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam.

Although the Everest View Trek is already beautiful it gets even better during winter. Winter enhances the crisp mountain air and clear skies. Ascending to an altitude of 3,867 meters, the Everest View Trek is a simple yet thrilling winter adventure.

You get a chance to meet the local people and exchange culture with Sherpa communities unfold at these elevated altitudes during traditional festivals.



  • Lukla Airstrip Adventure: Experience the thrill of landing at one of the world's most challenging airports, the Lukla airstrip, amidst snow-covered landscapes.
  • Tengboche Monastery: Enjoy the serenity of Tengboche Monastery with fewer crowds. Winter adds a mystical aura to this spiritual site.
  • Sherpa Culture: Winter trekkers have the opportunity to engage more intimately with Sherpa culture as the locals celebrate traditional festivals during this season.



Sikles Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration6 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointSikles (1,981m)
Starting PointNayapul
Ending pointNayapul


Trail Overview

Sikles Trek is a less crowded trekking destination in the Annapurna region of Nepal suitable for winter. You will be welcomed with Gurung architecture and panoramic Annapurna views which unfolds at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 2,100 meters.

Quaint villages adorned with snow offer postcard-perfect settings, and panoramic Annapurna views unfold throughout the trek. Winter trekkers at these altitudes indulge in unique homestay experiences, immersing themselves in Gurung customs against the snowy landscapes.



  • Gurung Architecture: Sikles showcases traditional Gurung architecture. In winter, the quaint villages adorned with snow create a postcard-perfect setting.
  • Panoramic Annapurna Views: Revel in panoramic views of the Annapurna range throughout the trek, with snow-covered peaks providing a breathtaking backdrop.
  • Unique Homestay Experiences: Stay in unique Gurung homestays, experiencing local customs and traditions in an authentic winter setting.



Pikey Peak Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration7 Days
Trek DifficultyModerate
Highest PointPikey Peak (4,065m)
Starting PointJhapre
Ending pointJhapre


Trail Overview

Pikey Peak Trek is a new trekking route in the Khumbu region. For panoramic views of the Everest and Makalu ranges, the Pikey Peak Trek is an excellent choice. This trek is even considered, the best trek to enjoy Everest views by our famous Sir Edmund Hillary.

If you are looking for a less crowded trek in the Everest region then this trek would be an ideal choice for you. You'll reach up to an altitude of (4,065 m) on the Pikey Peak Top. Along with the amazing mountain views, this trail takes trekkers through Sherpa villages, monasteries, and pristine forests. In winter, the trek offers clear views of snow-clad peaks against azure skies.

This Pikey Peak Hike can be recommended to anyone who is willing to explore the beautiful Everest region in a short interval of time and a lesser challenging route.



  • Panoramic Sunrise: Pikey Peak offers one of the best sunrise views in Nepal. In winter, witness the spectacle of the sun rising over the Everest and Makalu ranges.
  • Sherpa Villages: Trek through charming Sherpa villages in Solu region. Winter allows for a more intimate cultural exchange with the locals.
  • Festivals and Celebrations: Depending on the timing, winter trekkers may get to participate in local festivals and celebrations, adding cultural richness to the experience.


Mohare Danda Trek

Quick Insights

Trek Duration7 Days
Trek DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Highest PointMohare Danda (3,300m)
Starting PointGaleshore
Ending pointGaleshore


Trail Overview

The Mohare Danda Trek, known as the "Community Eco-Lodge Trek," combines natural beauty with community-based tourism. The trail leads to the spectacular viewpoint of Mohare Danda, surrounded by rhododendron forests. Winter brings a serene ambiance to this lesser-known trek.



  • Community Eco-Lodges: Stay in community-run eco-lodges along the trail, contributing to sustainable tourism practices and enjoying a cozy winter retreat.
  • Rhododendron Forests: Traverse through vibrant rhododendron forests, with winter revealing a different palette of colors in these beautiful blooms.
  • Spectacular Mohare Danda: The trek culminates at Mohare Danda, offering breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges against a snowy backdrop.


What to pack for winter trekking in Nepal?

Packing the right equipment is the most essential thing for trekking in Nepal during winter. As the temperature drops lower than usual, you’ll need some warm thermals, heavy down jackets and trousers. Warm hats and gloves along with waterproof hiking boots are compulsory.

We advise you to ask for a detailed packing list for your winter trekking in Nepal with the trekking agency where you book your trek. It’s great if you already have some of the gear, if you don’t you can buy or rent gear here in the shops of Thamel, Nepal.



Choosing one of these winter treks in Nepal ensures a memorable adventure amidst diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences. Whether it's the panoramic views from Poon Hill, the cultural immersion along the Tamang Heritage Trail, or the tranquility of the Sikles Trek, each journey promises a unique blend of natural beauty and warm hospitality.

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